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20001iKevin Candela – In addition to my Dragon’s Game Trilogy (2014-2015) I have a sf/fantasy/horror/comedy anthology called A Year in the Borderlands coming out very soon. I’ve contributed a five-part series, Weedeaters, to Kent Hill’s Straight to Video/Straight 2 Video: The Sequel/Conquest of the Planet of the Tapes trilogy and two of my short stories – Drone and Temple of the Burning Moon – are featured in the July 27th release Suburban Secrets: A Neighborhood of Nightmares. I have quite a few other short stories upcoming in other anthologies as well and I’m currently at work on two Sinbad-based adventures, Sinbad and the Argonauts and Sinbad and the Winds of Destiny: The First Six Voyages and More as well as Terra Forma (a tale of human terraforming of a distant world), Blood Creek (a monster mystery Western), Ghost Hunter and The Piper Gods (a series based on the children taken by the Pied Piper returning to modern day Earth seeking powerful magical instruments.)

How I edit: I’m pretty much a grammar minder and that’s it. I DO give feedback on the plot (if asked) but for what you pay me I primarily edit the wording so that it’s what the greater majority of readers want to see. (Nobody likes to conform, but it’s even worse to have to “work through” a book than simply read it.) I charge only $50 for a full length novel, for which you get a marked-up copy of your manuscript. When you and I are done the prose will be within so-called pro writing standards. In other words someone who doesn’t even dig your subject/genre could idly pick it up, read through it and appreciate the fact that it flows nicely and is not full of errors.

What I edit: I prefer science fiction, fantasy, “thinking” horror, comedy and any and all combinations of those. With a lot of experience in actual hard science I can edit such manuscripts too. I’m not into gratuitous anything, especially gore. If you write “gross for gross’ sake” and “hey, let’s see what new kinds of disgusting stuff I can think up” you probably want someone else to be your editor. I CAN and WILL edit your novel if it’s outside of my typical interests but – depending on subject, difficulty of edit, etc. – the fee may be higher.

If you are a newcomer to Riot Forge I will need to see a sample of your writing to determine whether or not I can still work within the $50 standard fee. If there appear to be too many errors I may have to add $25 for the extra work involved.

Contact Kevin Candela at Catma9@yahoo.com


garrettGarrett Cook–  “I’m always available for editing and manuscript critiquing.  I also provide advice whenever I can on where the manuscript could be placed if I have any ideas or connections. I have in the past been submissions editor for Evil Nerd Empire and Associate Editor of Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens. I am currently the editor of the magazine Imperial Youth Review. Email me at thecentercannothold@gmail.com if you are interested. It is alright to pay ahead  to schedule work for later and sometimes this can carry with it a small discount since it adequately prepares me for when your work comes in and shows courtesy for the hectic and often random life of a freelancer.  Genre is not a concern. I have edited romance, horror, Bizarro, sci fi, urban fiction, memoir, fantasy, YA and more.  I guarantee I will find an angle to approach your work from. When possible, I also like to try and talk to clients about the professional possibilities of their work, possible placement, marketing strategies and angles that can be taken. Work edited is not guaranteed publication somewhere. I can only bring out the potential of your work, not work miracles or guarantee a future for your piece. But, your work will be better when I’m done with it. I am also available for  one year contracts for five hundred dollars. A lot of writers who are self published or in pulp genres put out four or five books a year or more. For five hundred dollars, I will edit every manuscript novella length or longer that you require me to. Publishers may also hire  me on for multiple jobs at a special 4 for 500 rate on pieces. Steady work is something I like and need and I am willing to work with you if you think you can hand me multiple projects.” Contact him on Facebook here. For more info on editing, rates and testimonials, go to http://chainsawnoir.wordpress.com/editing/

He also offers 25% discount on editing for members of Riot Forge.

11815997_942829439073048_1521305648_nLeza Cantoral – I write Horror and Bizarro fiction with a splatterpunk and fantasy bend. I have published with Forsaken (the horror imprint of Booktrope) and Dynatox Ministries. I have edited Erotica, Bizarro and Horror fiction. What I care about is language, clarity and good character development. I will help you dust off the clutter so that the story can emerge, sparkling and complete. Sometimes this takes digging and looking at things from a whole new angle. I can help you with that and I can help you tighten it all up so that there are no loose ends. With me you will get a thorough copyediting as well as line and content editing. I care about the big picture, but every single word matters.
I have a B.A. in Cultural History from Marlboro College and I write a Noir film column for Luna Luna Magazine.
You can contact me on Facebook or Twitter @lezacantoral
Or by email at yakuzakitty@gmail.com
My rate is 2$ per page.


kelso webChris Kelso is a writer, illustrator and editor. His books include: Schadenfreude (Dog Horn Publishing), Last Exit to Interzone (Black Dharma Press), A Message from the Slave State (Western Legends Books), Moosejaw Frontier (Bizarro Pulp Press), Transmatic (MorbidbookS) and The Black Dog Eats the City (Omnium Gatherum) He recently edited Caledonia Dreamin – Strange Fiction of Scottish Descent with Hal Duncan and is the co-creator of the anti-New Yorker, Imperial Youth Review.

You can also find him here at http://www.chris-kelso.com/

11303720_1015075515184266_851149327_nJason Wayne Allen has published several short stories, mostly in the Bizarro and Horror genres.
His collection The Meat Parade will be published by Riot Forge Summer, 2015.
His first novel Ichthyic in the Afterglow will be published by MorbidbookS September, 2015.
He is a contributing columnist to the retro video gaming online ‘zine goodolegamers.com, and he is also one half of the editing team at Flash Forge.
Jason Wayne Allen is Southern by the disgrace of some dark god, but currently resides in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and two dogs.
He likes Nintendo and beer.



11694358_1072721992746954_1843943865_nI have a B.A. with a major in English language and literature and minor in philosophy from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. I can aid with both syntax and grammatical problems, and provide feedback with regards to narrative style. If your piece needs significant work, I may ask you to consider revising it again, so as not to waste either of our time. On average, I charge $1 a page.

Contact her here at calamity_cat103@yahoo.com




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